Raw Bauxite

Bauxite is the main raw material used in the production of Aluminium – the most abundant metallic element on earth – with 70% to 80% of raw Bauxite ultimately processed into Aluminium. While Aluminium has numerous advantages and in spite of these challenges, output continues to increase, especially in China, Pakistan and Australia, the largest single producers of Bauxite.

Bauxite's primary use is the conversion into alumina and then into Aluminium. The ratio of conversion is generally four tons of bauxite to produce two tons of Alumina, which is then refined into one ton of the primary Aluminium metal. Other uses for Bauxite include abrasives materials applications, and use as a propping agent or "Proppant" in drilling for oil and natural gas - the latter referred to as "Fracking."

Origin: Pakistan

Specifications a) Al2O3 45-50 % Min, SiO2 25 % Max, Fe2O3 3-5 % Max

b) Al2O3 51-55 % Min, SiO2 22 % Max, Fe2O3 3-4 % Max

c) Al2O3 56-60 % Min, SiO2 20 % Max, Fe2O3 2-3 % Max

d) Al2O3 61-65 % Min, SiO2 18 % Max, Fe2O3 1-2 % Max