The uses of bitumen are numerous. The Main one in most countries is for road construction and it is also used for surfacing airfield runways and taxi tracks, hydraulic applications such as canal lining, river bank protection, dam construction and sea defenses.

There are also numerous industrial applications like felt manufacture, roofing, printing inks, electrical cable / Junction boxes, mastic for roofing of terraces, duplex paper manufacture etc.

We offer High quality bitumen produced according to ASTM standards.

·        Penetration bitumen, Blown bitumen, Cutback bitumen.

·    Grades 30/40, 40/50, 60/70, 85/100, 100/120.

·    20 ft container loads, in 155 / 170 kg new/used corrugated drums or 30 kg poly bags.

·    FOB / CFR major world ports.

·    International standards obtained.

·    Competitive prices.

·    Prompt deliveries, Bulk deliveries with tanker vessels also available upon request.

·    On time documentation.

·    Total quality and customer service, always.


Our Product is from Middle East and Russian/CIS Origin.



MOQ : 1000 MT