Export & Trade Division

As an international trading house we sell our products worldwide to countries like India, China, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Africa Region as our core export market and continue to open new market. Established with a vision to use the right blend of knowledge, expertise, ethical practices and robust business systems we have established a level of success with excellent customer satisfaction which has created an unbreakable relationship with our worldwide customers. The most outstanding feature of the company has always been the professional approach and zeal towards business and the satisfaction that goes beyond the imagination and anticipation of its global customers.

Our Commitment to Quality, consistency, timely delivery and competitive pricing has boosted our international customer confidence and established long term business partners in the countries that we trade in and a Global Supplier.

Export & Trading

Shipping & Delivery


Cement Clinkers

Cooking Coal


  Borax

  Copper Oxychloride

  Copper Sulphate

  DAP

  MOP

  MAP

  TSP

  Zinc Sulphate


Mill Scale

Minirals/Natural Ores

  Baryte

  Bauxite (Raw)

  Calcinated Dolomite

  Calci-Lime

  Chrome Ore

  Dolomite

  Gypsum

  Iron Ore

  Manganese Ore

  Talc

Palm Oil

Raw Cotton

Rock Phosphates

Soda Ash

Refined Sugar

Sulphur – Lump/Granular/Powder


We contract with the most efficiently sized carriers suitable for the safe carriage of materials. We provide online delivery tracking schedules that are updated at least once daily.