Whether it is Prilled or granular Urea, Matrix has the ability to meet your requirements and needs. Our efficiency and dependability is unequaled in the industry. We work hard each day to maintain this reputation.

Interesting Facts About Urea:

Urea was first discovered in human urine in 1773 by H. M. Rouelle. Urea is essentially a waste product: it has no physiological function. It is dissolved in blood and excreted by the kidney. Urea was synthesized in 1828 by Friedrich Wohler and was the first organic compound to be synthesized from inorganic starting materials.

Fertilizer Urea:

Commercially, fertilizer urea can be purchased as Prilled or as a granulated material. In the past, it was usually produced by dropping liquid urea from a “Prilling tower” while drying the product. The prills formed a smaller and softer substance than other materials commonly used in fertilizer blends. Today, though, considerable urea is manufactured as granules. Granules are larger, harder, and more resistant to moisture. As a result, granulated urea has become a more suitable material for fertilizer blends.

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